Welcome to 0409, the fanlisting for the Japanese musician and actor Yamashita Tomohisa, lovingly nicknamed Yamapi or simply P by friends and fans. He is one of the biggest stars to come out of Johnny's Jimusho, since making his debut in 2004 as a member of the J-pop group, NEWS. He has also participated in the special units Shuuji to Akira and GYM, and made his solo debut in 2006. Yamashita officially left NEWS in October 2011 to pursue a solo career.

On top of his music activities, Yamashita has also starred in hit dramas such as Nobuta wo Produce (2005), Kurosagi (2006), Proposal Daisakusen (2007), Code Blue (2008), Buzzer Beat (2009) and Summer Nude (2013).


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